The “Gasthaus Perzy”, Austria’s northernmost inn, is an original from the 1920s and is only a few minutes’ drive from the Golf Resort Hauschlag. and is a great event location for your event. At the Gasthaus Perzy, rustic meets earthy & delicious meets cozy!

The Perzy inn is currently not in regular operation! Private events/group trips are welcome at

A tavern with history

Ideal for any events!


Wenzel and Magdalena Neubauer purchase the small house Rottal No. 22 from the Litschau estate. The name Neubauer remains the house name.


Franziska, the daughter of the Neubauer couple, marries the small house owner and worker Lorenz Poindl. They take over the property together. A year later, their son Bartholomäus was born, who, together with his wife Franziska, appeared as owners in later years. His work as a master stonemason, a professional group known for high beer and brandy consumption, is very beneficial to the bar industry. The beer is supplied from Wittingau, the brandy from Bistritz, which is preferably drunk mixed white or bitter. The Poindl family is also responsible for the current inn. The builder comes from Schamers in Bohemia.


Thomas and Theresia Perzy, née Kainz, acquire the property at Rottal 22 through purchase. In addition to the restaurant, they run a grocer’s shop in the back of the house; In the garden, a bowling alley offers entertainment to the numerous guests.


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