Advanced Courses - Improve Your Golf Game!

The golf courses Haugschlag - Waldviertel - Herrensee provide ideal conditions for beginners as well as experienced golfers. The compact 18-hole golf course in the Golf Club Herrensee is the uniqueness of Austria. Absolute beginners can play here without having a green card and a membership. The dynamic team of the Golf Academy Haugschlag-Litschau consists of schooled PGA Pros who organize your golf lessons using the most modern methods.

Individual Lessons

Lesson(s) with the golf Pro at the driving range of the Golf Academy, range balls are included. In case of more participants, it’s necessary to pay an extra charge € 5,- per person.
Head Pro € 60,-/ 50 min, € 30,-/ 25 min
Teaching Pro € 50,-/ 50 min, € 28,-/ 25 min

Playing with the Pro

Professional course management for you game! The Pro will be playing with you 9 holes on our course. (Green fee isn’t included, maximal playtime 2,5 hours). In case of more participants, it’s necessary to pay an extra charge € 25,- per person.

Head Pro € 119,-

Teaching Pro € 99,-

Pleasure of Golf

More golf playing and much more pleasure in an advantageous package: in two lessons, the Pro will analyse your swing and give you advice you will follow at the driving range.

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Then, the Pro accompanies you as your caddy on the first 4 holes of the course and gives you advice related to your hit and swing technique, as well as to course management. At the end of the second day, your golf game will be definitely improved. Green fee isn’t included (only in case you book a package).

The course consists of:

3 lessons á 120 min with the Pro.
Condition - green card 

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2 persons, each € 159,- 
1 person € 289,-

Our Golf Pro’s

Tom Moler